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One of the most common trends in vegan dressing guides is the use of cloth bags. Although it is suitable for the summer months, one of the difficult choices in the winter months and travels is cloth bag. For this reason, we have more useful searches for luggage or bag selection.

I will talk about sustainable vegan bag manufacturers that will help you make ethical choices even if you are not vegan.


Svala’s products have very minimalist and very clear designs. PETA and Fur Free Retailer approved companies use Pinatex or cork stoppers as the main material in their bags. Pinatex is a natural, innovative and patented material made from pineapple leaf fibers collected by agricultural cooperatives in the Philippines. Pinatex is actually a byproduct of the pineapple harvest and a raw material that does not require extra soil occupation, water, fertilizers to produce. They also stated it as follows; “No pineapples are harmed in the making of Pinatex” 🙂

Svala vegan Simma Totes

The company has been nominated for many awards and has been selected as the Best Vegan Brand in the 2020 Sustainable Eluxe Awards. They ship to all countries around the world except Russia.

La Bante London

Offering options for both men and women, the brand produces PETA-approved products using polyester from recycled plastic bottles. They do not use any animal-based paint or adhesive material during production. Each year, it donates at least 10% of its profit to charities such as PETA, as well as to charities that save animals or take part in cancer treatment.

The company will start selling vegan leather jacket products in the future.

Doshi FCSA

A company that focuses on the necessity of its products to be accessible to everyone in order to improve the world, therefore they do not put themselves in the luxury consumption category. They find factories that buy recycled basic materials and work with manufacturers who minimize the use of chemicals and solvents.

The company explains that its products are more accessible than others by using Kraft paper rather than using pineapple and cork stoppers. They cover the durable, recyclable and non-breakable Kraft paper with Tvyek, a recycled plastic. The purpose of the brand is to use materials that can provide long-term use and to compost the product when it is over.

I recommend you to review their sites to get more information about the companies.

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